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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bhimashankar : Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva in Maharashtra India

Bhimashankar : Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva in Maharashtra India

Bhimashankar is the famous temple of Maharashtra it was an ancient shrine, Bhimashankara was the one of the most 12 Jyotirlingas of lord shiva. It was situated in the village of Bhavagiri which was 50 km in the north west of the khed, near Pune. It is situated in the mountains of Sahyadri which is take a 110 km from pune. It is also called the source of the great river Bhima, which is coming from the south east and get together in the river of Krishna which is located in Raichur. The other famous Jyotirlinga which you all know in Maharashtra are Tryambakeshwar and Grishneshwar.
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It’s the temple of Lord Shiva and there are legend of Shiva which gives us some information about this temple. Lord Shiva slaying the demon Tripurasura which can get the invisible flying in citadels Tripuras. Lord Shiva had said that to take the abode on the Bhima, but when the request of the gods, he decided to crest on the Sahyadri mountain, and after that the sweat which is poured forth from the body and also said that to have formed in the river Bhimarathi.

The Temple: Bhimashankara temple was the old but now it get the new face and very attractive looks it is built in Nagara style which makes the temple very beautiful. It was an dates of 18th century but now it looks a modern temple. The temple of Shikhara was built by the idea of Nana Phadnavis. Shivaji which was the great ruler of all Maratha was also said that to make the improvement of this temple which is his worship services. As all other temple this Shiva temple is the low level in all types.

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But any how now the Lord Shiva temple become new, the Bhimashankaram have been seen all this part and save it in his memory and was dated back in 13th centuary CE. Saint Jnaneshwar was also like this place very much and said to have visit Tryambakeshwar and Bhimashankar.

Other temple and shrines: Near the temple of Bhimashankara there is a temple which is know a Kamalaja. Kamalaja was an temple of Pravati, who won from Lord Shiva in the battle of against Tripuraasura. Kamalajaa was thinking to offer a lotus flower by the God Bhrama. The name of Shaakini and Daakini who had helped the Lord Shiva in the battle who was started with the honored and worshipped here.

The Bhimashankara temple there Mokshakund thirtha which was staying behind this temple. And it was developed by the rishi of Kaushika. The Sarvathirtha and Kusharanya thirtha there the great river Bhima was flow on the eastward, and also Jyanakund.

Worship: There are three worship service which are followed in each day. The famous is Mahashivratri it is the great festival of Lord Shiva.

Pleace remember that Rudrasamhita sloka which is given in reference to Bhimashankar told, Daakine Bhimashankaram. In the Assam there is a temple of Bhimashankar which is situated in Bhimapur mountain near Guwahati. There are legends of Lord Shiva which the name is Bhima he was slain by the Lord Shiva its behavior was a crude as it shows that he will kill the king of Lord Shiva worship. Is this the similar of Shiva emerged from a Shivalingam to destroyed the yama the lord of death. In the Shiva Purana and Koti Rudra Samhita was developed the Bhimashankar temple in Kamarupa country. The hills of Sahya which is says that Shiva Bhimashankara was appeared on the Shayadris.

In Kashipur there is a Bhimashankara temple which is situated in Nainital, which is famous by the Daakini country in ancient days. He believed that Bhima was the Pandavas prince who was married to Hidamba, which was Daakini. In India the Mahashivaratri is celebrate with full joy, with fun. This temple was also found in Bhairavanath and devi and a temple was get the name Shivaganga.

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