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Thursday, February 14, 2008

शिवा वंदना शिवा आरती शिवा पूजा कैसे करे.

जयशिव ओमकारा, प्रभु जय शिव ओमकारा ब्रह्म विष्णु सदाशिव अर्धांगी धारा,
ॐ हर हर महादेव... एकाना, चतुरानन, पंचना राजे, हंसन गरुदासन वृषवाहन सजे,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ दो भुज, चारु चतुर्भाऊ देशमुख अति सोहे तीनों रूप निरखते त्रिभुवन जन्मोहे,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ अक्श्यमाला बनमाला मुन्द्मल धरी चंदन मृगमद सोहाई, भले शुभकारी,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ श्वेताम्बर पीताम्बर बगाम्बर अंगे, ब्रह्मादिक सनकादिक प्रेतादिक संगे,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ कर मध्ये कमंदालू औ त्रिशूल भरी, सुखकारी दुखाहरी जग्पलानकारी,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ ब्रह्म विष्णु सदाशिव जानत अविवेका, प्रनावाक्षर में शोभित ये तीनों एक,
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ त्रिगुण स्वामी की आरती जो कोई नर गवेकाहत शिवानन्द स्वामी मन वांछित फल पावे।
ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ ॐ हर हर महादेव॥ ॐ हर हर महादेव..

Trigun svami ki arti jo koi nar gaveKahat Shivanand svami man vanchhit phal pave,

Why Shiva Is Worshipped In His Phallic Form

Shiva: we can say that the God Shiva is the third member of our Hindu triad or trinity, it can be said that the destroyed of evil and it was the most feared of gods. God Shiva when seated in profound even through it can see all of them with her third eye which is there in the middle of his forehead. His hair was matted and the moon sits on his head. The famouse river Ganga flows from his head. One and real fact is that the Divine river Ganges had through that to come down the earth but when he saw that Shiva the great God was there in Himalayan mountain, he had been pleased with devotees penance, and was agreed to bear the impact the falling of the river by and controlling it by his matted locks on her head.

Shiva also wears a necklace which is made of human skulls and was serpents twine around his head and neck. The sculpture when cast in hydroca come in various finishes.

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Why Shiva Is Worshipped In His Phallic Form

According the legend, one time Brahma and Vishnu, two other deities of the holy Trinity, he had started argument as to their supremacy. Brahma was the creator declared himself to be more revered, and while Vishnu, the Preserver, pronounced that he commanded had more respect. But Just then a colossal lingam, Known as Jyotirlinga, blanketed in flames, and had appeared before them. Brahma and Vishnu were in problems by taking its rapidly increasing size. They forgot all her quarrel and started decided to loss her size. Vishnu assuming the board went to the netherworld and Brahma was the swan flew to the skies. But their bad luck they failed to accomplished the task. After that when Shiva come out of the lingam and stated that he was the progenitor of them he should be worshipped in his phallic form, the lingam, and was not his form
We can say that God Shiva had ‘Shakti’, Shiva had power, shiva had destroyer, it was the most famouse god of Hindu Pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity. Known by many name- Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Bhairava, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath- Lord Shiva was a great complex of hindu deities. His shrine in the temple was separated from those of other deities.

Shiva As Phallic Symbol
Lord Shiva in her temple usually found as a phallic syomble of the linga, which gives us the energies for life on earth the microcosmic and the macrocosmic levels, is this
We can say that the world in which we are living and the world which constitutes the whole of the universe, the Shaiyite temple we can see that the linga is placed in the centre undemeath the spire, where it symbol the naval of earth

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